Kesari Lab, UC San Diego
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Dr. Santosh Kesari 

Dr. Santosh Kesari is Professor of Neurosciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine, and Director of Neuro-oncology at Moores UCSD Cancer Center. His research investigates the biology of gliomas with the aim of developing new therapeutics for patients with brain tumors. He has a 
                                    long-standing interest in
                                       neural development and 
                                          cancer stem cells and is
                                            focusing on their role in
                                              the formation of brain
                                             tumors and resistance to 

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About the Kesari Lab  


For the ever-growing number of patients with brain or neurologic tumors, the need for better treatments and management strategies is acute. Research at the Kesari Laboratory seeks to integrate clinical, pre-clinical and basic science to improve the understanding of brain tumor biology. By combining laboratory and clinical data, we hope to open a new avenue toward therapies tailored to individual patients.

Accelerating Novel Treatment Strategies for Brain Tumors 
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